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AG2 provides a comprehensive package of market-leading weather forecasts and an extensive suite of historical data across the globe. Our forecast and historical data sets are not just weather-based, however, we also convert weather data into more useful quantities, such as wind/solar generation forecasts, degree days (a proxy for energy demand), and natural gas usage forecasts, expressed in billions of cubic feet (Bcf).

Further, we help our clients objectively evaluate weather forecast risk via our innovative FRisk and probabilistic data and analytics offerings, providing optimal business decisions. With a suite of APIs, users can easily pull our data into their existing scripts, models, or other applications for various use cases such as energy trading, asset management, weather derivative trading, and insurance/reinsurance.

For over twenty years, our clients have been pulling data via either our user-friendly and ubiquitous Trader graphical interface or various APIs. Please reach out to us for a test drive!

Atmospheric (adjective) – relating to the atmosphere, describing weather or climate.

G2 (noun) – In-depth information about any person or thing; An intelligence report.

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Constant Pace of Innovation

Through an evergreen partnership with The Weather Company, AG2 is able to offer various innovative weather solutions to traders, including the high-resolution global GRAF model and the best-in-class IBM temperature forecast stream. Further, recent AG2 innovations have pushed the envelope further, including the new FRisk index and associated probabilistic data stream.

First to Market

In the energy trading world, every second counts when new weather data is produced. AG2 has optimized its computing infrastructure to get the most important weather model data to its clients first, so that they have the edge when market-moving events take place. Stay up-to-date with real-time data forecasts for your market. We produce hourly information, so you can stay prepared in individual cities and regions in North America, Europe, Asia, and Australia.

The Best 15-Day Forecast Available

The Trader home page is up on monitors through the trading day across almost all trade floors in North America and Europe. With its customizable list of cities, AG2 forecasts are shown for the next 15 days, at daily or hourly resolution. AG2 forecasts have been proven, via various third-party studies, to have the best accuracy in the world, exceeding the US National Weather Service and other weather vendors.

Energy Analytics

While having the best weather data is of paramount importance, being able to convert that data into more business-friendly terms is even more important. Along these lines, AG2 produces solar and wind forecasts to address the increasing importance of renewables, along with load (energy demand) forecasts for various US power pools, using an innovative random-forecast AI/ML technique.

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"AG2 Trader is the apex one-stop-shop for monitoring weather's effect on energy commodities. The frequency of weather updates gives me peace of mind knowing that I always have the latest information on energy commodity prices."

— Chief Meteorologist
Global Banking Firm

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The WSI Trader you’ve known for almost 25 years has been rebuilt from the ground up, to provide a simpler navigation, greater customization and a unified, global view of the weather information. Click below for more details, and email Sales@AtmosphericG2.com to schedule your company upgrade or to learn how to trial the service.