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Easily tap into the global reach and high temporal resolution of AG2 historical and forecast data APIs to address any of your weather or climate needs

Weather Data API

Curated data giving only what you need the way you need it

A Wealth of Weather Data

Obtain targeted weather data across all time continuums, historical, current, and forecast. All the data is easily accessed through our REST based API services, which are supported by a robust set of documentation, allowing you to quickly set up and retrieve the data of interest.

Easily Access Forecast Data For Any Point on the Planet

1-15 Day, 3-5 Week, and 1-5 Month forecasts for any global location.

Identify Climate Trends

With a suite of historical data products allows you to address climate trends and your ESG needs.

Multiple Data Formats

Data can be retrieved in JSON or CSV format, for easy ingestion directly into your models/scripts.

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Frequently Asked Questions

AG2 offers a variety of weather data that is available through different APIs, including deterministic and probabilistic forecasts interpolated from a 4 km global grid, and historical data at both stations and lat/lons.

We provide you access via an API key and a thorough set of documentation to guide you through the process. As always, we recommend a call with our sales staff to get you started and answer any questions you may have.

Data is for your internal business purposes only, and no reselling or forwarding of the data is allowed. We do, however, offer flexible options and opportunities to partner, provided there is mutual interest in other derivative solutions.

The 1-15 Day forecast data is updated on an hourly basis, providing users with the freshest data on the market. The 3-5 Week forecast is updated weekly while the 1-5 month forecast is updated monthly.

Our weather forecast data is best-in-class, as determined by ForecastWatch, an independent third party that aggregates forecasts from various public and private sources. Contact us for more information and a link to the ForecastWatch report.

"Accurate weather data is essential to our business, AG2's results are top-tier, and their customer service is consistently quick and friendly."

— Corporate Partner, Energy Management

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