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The New AG2 Trader is coming.

“We heard your feedback,” says Rob Boucher, AG2 VP of Product Innovation. “Our new simplified navigation makes data easier to find than ever before. See global data integrated on one display. Streamline your workflow with custom dashboards. And connect with our meteorologists easier than ever before.” 

The WSI Trader you’ve known for almost 25 years has been rebuilt from the ground up, to give you more weather data faster than ever. With custom dashboards that you can fill with any of our global data, to the new Twitter-like Blurbs so you can instantly hear from our meteorologists, the new AG2 Trader is going to turn heads.

“Everything is so clean and fast. Very impressive.”
– AG2 Trader User
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Minimize Risk and Maximize Profit with WSI Trader by AG2

Trade with Confidence

As the market changes, you need to be able to make decisions with confidence. With AG2 by your side, you’ll have the most comprehensive weather data available so you can always be ahead of the curve. AG2 Trader serves up market-leading forecasts via multiple platforms including the AG2 Trader website, dedicated mobile apps, and a robust suite of APIs.

Market Leader

For 25 years, we have been the industry leader in weather-based commodity markets with a global NPS Score of 45 and 60 in North America.

Time is Money

Receive & understand the latest weather data ahead of the competition with FRisk to show forecast changes before they happen.

Quantify Risk

Integrate quantitative information about forecast uncertainty, as some forecasts are harder than others. With AG2, you'll know the difference.

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Frequently Asked Questions

We pull in data from various global weather forecasting models, and combine the forecasts in optimal ways (the “G2”) to maximize forecast accuracy at both hourly and daily time scales. Further, our new probabilistic data stream allows users to quantify their weather risk. The AG2 Trader interface provides a visually appealing, user-friendly way to ingest and use all of this added-value weather data.

Our largest presence is in the gas and power markets, as we serve around 95% of power traders and 85% of gas traders. We have an increasing presence in ag and insurance/reinsurance markets as well, as the impacts of climate change on businesses drive a more urgent need for accurate forecasts and comprehensive historical data.

The AG2 Trader platform is updated on an hourly basis, providing users with the most up-to-date weather data available. This allows users to make informed decisions about their energy commodity trades, based on the latest weather conditions.

You can log directly on to the site immediately after signing up for a trial, and it generally takes new users a couple of days to become fully-acclimated to all that the platform has to offer. We encourage a quick training call with our sales staff and/or one of our meteorologists to accelerate the process.

All of the products on the Trader site are also available to pull via simple, URL-based API calls, all of which are described in our comprehensive documentation, which also provides specific examples to help you get started.

AG2 scientists and engineers are constantly working to improve and innovate, via new products such as FRisk, or via continuous improvement of our forecast accuracy leveraging our data science department.

We offer customer support 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. You can reach us by phone at 1(603)421-6922 or by email at sales@atmosphericg2.com. We will also be offering live chat support throughout the platform by 2023. Finally, our meteorologists are available via the ICE chat platform.

"AG2 provides POWWR with the high-quality weather data needed to maintain our industry-leading load forecasting operations."

— Corporate Partner, Energy Management

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