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How you access data is changing and we’re keeping with the times. This new cloud database may help you meet your weather or climate needs.

Weather Data in the cloud

Easy Data, when you need it, the way you want it.

Snowflake Marketplace

We’re happy to announce that we have a sampling of historical hourly and daily forecast data for energy and commodity traders in the Snowflake Marketplace! This first step sets the stage for us to launch our initial offerings in this unique data cloud. If you are interested in working with AG2 in Snowflake, reach out to Sales@AtmosphericG2.com to be the first in line for a trial when the product launches (H2)

AG2 Snowflake Frequently Asked Questions

AG2 will offer a wide variety of datasets that will include a combination of the latest forecasts and observations, plus the associated historical data on the Snowflake marketplace, including:

  • AG2 Daily and Hourly Forecasts for cities and regions/countries
  • AG2 Weighted Degree Day Forecasts
  • Daily and Hourly Observations
  • Daily Weighted Degree Day Observations
  • North America Load Forecasts
  • North America Load Observations
  • North America Wind Power Forecasts
  • North America Wind Power Observations
  • European Wind and Solar Power Forecasts
  • North America BCF Forecasts
  • GRAF Forecasts for individual cities
  • ECMWF/GFS Daily Forecasts for individual cities and regions/countries
  • ECMWF/GFS/GEM Weighted Degree Day Forecasts
  • ECMWF/GFS/GEM Teleconnection Forecasts
  • Teleconnection Observations
  • Std 30yr and Past 10yr normals for cities and regions/countries
  • Std 30yr and Past 10yr normals for Weighted Degree Days

With Snowflake, access AG2’s data warehouse remotely from anywhere, regardless of your platform or operating system.

A data warehouse specifically built for the cloud, with Snowflake you have access to the most recent data as it becomes available.  AG2 will provide service on all Snowflake cloud platforms and regions.

With this new cloud data source, you can access and process data faster, never have accessibility issues, and waste no time on integration, technology, or security concerns.

Yes, any customers must have a Snowflake subscription to be able to access any of the data. A free trial is available to any AG2 Customers that are not yet on Snowflake. Click HERE for details. 

Snowflake charges at a $40 per compressed TB rate for on-demand (pay as you go model) or $23 per compressed TB for a longer term contracts. Please see the Snowflake Guide to Pricing for more details. 

Available Now: Historical Hourly Forecast Weather Data

Includes cloud cover %, temperature and dewpoint, relative humidity, heat index, wind chill, precipitation, wind speed and direction, and horizontal irradiance, all by site name or ID with valid time in local prevailing or UTC.

Available Now: Historical Daily Forecast Weather Data

Our Daily Historical Forecast sample includes Average, max, and min temperature, precipitation in inches, UTC time, initialization and valid model date/time, site name and ID.

One Less System or Program

Making our snowflake debut, with AG2 you can easily tap into historical weather forecast data across Europe and North America without needing another platform or tool, eliminating integration or security concerns.

"The entire AG2 team has been a phenomenal partner to BKV Energy. You are always ready to provide your input and educate us on the complexities of weather forecasting, and that is noticed and appreciated."

— BKV Energy, Vice President
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